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Intellectual Property

The term intellectual property covers a wide range of fields of expertise. These are products of the mind that often translate into creative expressions or technical solutions, but also, for instance, into a good name for a product or service.

The umbrella term ‘intellectual property’ includes the following specific rights: trademark rights, copyright, patent rights, trade name rights, design rights and plant breeders’ rights. However, the less traditional rights of ‘know-how’ and ‘domain names’ are also included under intellectual property.

Legal advice on the protection of your intellectual property

The value of your intellectual property and the importance of protecting it often only becomes clear once someone else wants to profit from it. However, sometimes by then it is too late. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, we can ensure in most cases that your position is protected in a timely manner. This may, for instance, include a ban on the use of a certain name or brand name, or the destruction of counterfeit products.

In addition, the protection of your intellectual property plays a role in the granting of licences for certain products or services. After all, the better protected a licence is, the more valuable it is. This also applies when your business is sold. Although intellectual property rights are often not included on the balance sheet, they do form an important part of the value of the company. Marxman will gladly advise you on this matter.

Legal advice in the event of a possible infringement

Of course it is also possible that you yourself are held liable for an (alleged) infringement of the intellectual property rights of a third party. In practice, such a hypothesis often goes hand in hand with large claims for damages and cease and desist declarations, under penalty of high fines. In many cases, it is unwise to respond to this without having sought legal advice. Such agreements may unnecessarily restrict your freedom of movement in the future. Marxman will gladly identify your situation and options together with you. In addition to providing practical advice, our lawyers also have extensive litigation experience.

Whitepapers on intellectual property

Our specialists are more than willing to share their knowledge in this field with you. In the dutch whitepaper ‘Infringement of your intellectual property’, read what you can do in the event of an infringement of your intellectual property.

Full service provision

Issues relating to intellectual property often also involve legal issues that overlap with the fields of Corporate Law and Mergers & Acquisitions. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in these specialist fields. This ensures that you will receive a full range of services, allowing you to focus on what you like doing most, doing business.

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